First Ride Of 2010

Hurray its Ride Day!

Yep today is the day we Officially Begin the Cycling Season For 2010!
So, We’ll meet at the Leduc Alliance Church at 6:45 and have a nice ride to catch up with everyone and to get our bodies use to being outdoors!  For those of you who will not be showing up because of other commitments until later in the season … We’ll miss ya.
For everyone else, bundle up, check your tires, lube that chain, and bring some change for the hot chocolate at Smitties!


We Have A Date!

Hey You! Ya You!  

Get off the couch, blow the dust off yer bike, pump up its tires and join us, Godspoke Cyclists, for Fun, Fitness and Adventure. Weather Permitting we will be starting our Weekly Wednesday Rides on March 31. Meet at 6:45 at Leduc Alliance Church.  We ride for an hour or so; have some fellowship over coffee or ice cream or even pastries sometimes. Then we ride a bit more to get home. We ride so we can eat! We ride to make friends, We ride to Get fit! Rides for every ability, Helmets mandatory!

See Ya then!

P.S. tell your friends to sign up (subscribe) for ride schedules, reports and events!