Watch this

Click here to watch a really cool vid on utube:

And just a reminder that we do have a ride Every Wednesday Nite until mid October
We also have a couple of longer rides yet this year:
Ride to George and Judy’s Cabin at Hastings Lake Aug 28th? (65km -1 way) Stay tuned for more info.
Ride around Pigeon Lake in Sept (65 km loop)
Fall colors ride along the River Valley in Edmonton in October and/or A Chilli Willy Chili Ride
Plus a Hot Chocolate Ride in November and our Annual Christmas Year Ender in Dec! 

Murray Greer is looking for hearty souls willing to ride 210 km in a day –  210 for 2010 he calls it
– So Mur- plan it and they will Ride!
And I am looking for others to ride with me to Bentley / Gull Lake sometime before the end of Sept. (110 km+)
So Hey, We have alot of riding to do before the end of the season – Some of the best is yet to come …
– If you have a ride you want to do and are looking for some company let Lyle or Larry know and we will post it here.
See Ya soon, 

A teaser of a report and Pix from our Penticton Tour Report to Come



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