Fly With Wings Like Eagles!!

Wow what a fantastic ride this past weekend as 17or so wily peddlers rode from Leduc to Hastings Lake 61 km in 150 min ( moving time).

 With the wind mostly at our backs we felt like we were flying!  The weather may have been on the cool side, but our hearts were warm with enthusiasm and elation as that 25 km wind eased our flight. When we got to Judy & Georges we got settled and refreshed while a few were huddled in the Garstads 5th wheel sipping some concoction called a MO HEE TA?!!  Of course we had a great Barbeque with all the fixings’. We rides then we eats! After Supper we huddled around the campfire telling stories, playing a game called “Things” and enjoyed a great campfire until 11pm.

Then Sunday morning we got going around 8:45 and rode a near 25 km loop to Footloose Caboose for a great breakfast. The first 4.5 km was a good lung cleaner up a nice grade. Then it was rolling tarmac to the caboose. the ride back seemed a lot quicker. I like rolling along with the wind at my back or with gravity drawing us to wards our destination! 😉  The whole ride was scenic vistas of very nice ripening grain fields, tree lined roads, horses, ponies, cows and even mysterious piles of bear/crow/coyote ???

  It was great to have a good turn out after a busy summer!

Remember to come out this Wednesday for another great ride!



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