Be seen on your night ride

Fall is one of my most favourite times of year to ride, the crisp air, autumn colors and evening rides. With the nice weather we are having and the great MUPS we have in Leduc, to stop riding at 7:30 pm is a shame. With adequate lighting the rides you have done all summer take on a new flavour and become fun and adventurous again.  So get some good lights and ride in the warm dark evenings.  I hope the weather stays warm so we can have a Halloween ride and Party at the end of October!

Here is a review and a video for a new great light from MEC for only 17.50


Check out the Planet bike Blaze 2 at MEC its  great front light for Urban Night and Daytime cycling

Yes there are cheaper, less powerful lights, but for the money and for the night riding available in Leduc the Blaze 2 IS the BEST bang for your buck in MY opinion. Its bright enough to see the bike paths in the dark ; and with the flash mode its great to be seen during the day for that extra bit of safety while on the road.


Don’t stay in go out for a night ride! Get the right lights – You’ll feel safer and enjoy it !



Time Change

YEP its that time of Year! We start our ride at 6:30 on Wednesday! We we get a bit more of the sun showing us our cycle path that way.
The weather looks great for a ride, so come on out for what may turn out to be one of the nicest rides of the year! YES you! we have missed you… so come lets ride and call yer buddy to come too!
Plus for your viewing enjoyment:

Oh YEAH!, Plan to Attend our Fall Colors ride on Sunday October 3 in the River Valley! Stay tuned for more info

Ride Tonight

Yes the Weather is changing; its not supposed to Rain! So we are meeting @ 6:45 At the Alliance Church. Dress in Layers to be warm, have a working rear Blinky and a Light up front ’cause its going to get dark out. Plus we will talk about riding this weekend in the City along the river valley (supposed to be warm).
Have a Great Day, See you tonight

Cool Idea

In our last post we considered going car free(er) for the next month. Okay, how do we do it, well here is a new cool way to help from Burley 

video: site: 


IF any one wants to borrow a bike trailer for any reason let me know I have one available


I just had our Mayor Greg Krischke for a windshield repair so I bent his ear a bit. I thanked him for getting more Paths done this year (Leduc has over 60k of MUPS now) and mentioned some of the other concerns and Ideas we see for the community. I stressed 3 key points:1) Secure bike parking at major shopping and recreation venues. 2) Safe routes to major destinations. 3) MUPS that actually go somewhere and not just end in the middle of nowhere. He is very open to see more done. Now is a good time to he said to mention stuff like this as it budget time! – What great timing

Consider this

almost any cyclist can get anywhere within Leduc with in 15 minutes. When was the last time you used your bike to do an errand instead of just jumping in your car?  If you said ”I need the space” okay I can understand that. But consider this

Interesting eh?  I would like to see more people using their bikes as more than recreation. I would challenge you to use your bike at least 2 times a week for the next month instead of your car for a local errand. As a wee  incentive  at the end You tell me how you went car free in those 30 days and I will clean your bike for free .  Any takers? – Even though I live in Calmar I will take up this challenge too!   Consider it!   before the weather turns really cold! Besides It could save you money from the Gas you save!

Just post a comment after the post stating your acceptance of the challenge so we can encourage you. (Somehow I think I should exclude Lloyd from this ‘cause he sort of personifies this in our group! but I won’t)  he he

I post these items for us to ponder as the weather keeps us indoors more. I hope you enjoy them.  I’d appreciate your comments and discussion.

YEs I know that weather is another reason not to use your bike more than recreation. but how much is using your car just a matter of easy convenience?  Its not really all that cold out yet.  I find that it is interesting that in Copenhagen only 40% of the population owns a car. HMMM

Ride Like there is no Tomorrow!

If you are up to it get out and ride tonight. Unfortunatley I am really sick with a chest cold and Lyle is also busy tonight. But that does not mean you shouldn’t ride tonight; the weather is getting colder so go! If you
don’t go for a ride here is a video to tide you over
More people need to think of cycling other than a sport
P.S. Keep praying for a nice fall, we have a couple of nice rides planned yet!

County Transportation survey

Sandy sent a link for us to click regarding the County’s planning for transportation over the next several years.


Please take the time to fill it out. Cycling is a growing transportation method all across N.A.  We have a oppurtunitiy to help make the County a premier cycling area. Please keep this in mind as  you fill in this survey.