Season Windup…This Saturday!

Hello Godspokers!!!

We are going to hold our season windup party this Saturday October 30th thanks to the hospitality of Murray and Sandy Greer. We have had a great year and are looking forward to seeing everyone to celebrate it.

I apologize for the late notice however we have some snowbirds heading south next week and we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate.

Location: Greer acreage (Call 780-986-8733 if you need directions)

Time: 6pm, cocktail hour followed by Potluck dinner and fellowship

Theme: THAI Halloween

What to Bring?      BYOB, Food( either an Appetizer, Entree, Salad, Dessert, or Snack) done with THAI flair, if      possible. Costume,  THAI or otherwise. The ability to have a great time!

Please email me or call me to confirm your attendance and what type of potluck dish you are bringing.

Due to the late notice please talk to anyone in the group you can think of to ensure they are aware of the party.

See you there!

Lyle Garstad


THAI MEAT BALLS!!!!!  How many versions are there??   Wanna Find out?   Come to the PArty!!!! (added by Larry)

The Commute Challenge

On Sept 17th I proposed a challenge to use your bike to commute, run errands, etc..
How did you do?

I believe I succeeded in my personal goals: I went from 26km last October to 202 plus this year. (Yes Lyle-  it helped a lot because we had nicer weather) I road my bike to get some  basic groceries from the local Foodtown  (Sobeys Wannabe) and even commuted back to Calmar a few times. Those times I jumped on the bike and rode over to the grocery store took a little longer to get going, get there and back; but afterwards I felt really great and actually enjoyed the experience a lot more than just driving there! Next year I want to get some good Grocery panniers to make this even easier. Like this:

(- Axiom – Hunter Grocery Bag
Perfect for trips to the store, the Hunter Grocery bag pannier is sized to fit a standard paper shopping bag. Quick-detach hardware system – Can be folded flat when not in use – Includes shoulder strap. Color: Black. $34 ea. us)  (I have seen these at United cycle too! And hope to have some when RENU CYCLE & REPAIRS  gets up and running in the spring)

Send me an email and I will post your experience here …
– Keep it under 100 Words
– I Know we had at least 3 people who Took up the Challenge
– So how did you do?

Devon–A Nice Ride

new-1Devon is a great town for a nice afternoon ride. 6 of us met and rode around the town for a total of 18 km on Monday October 11 ( Thanksgiving) Wish you could have been with us! The hill up from the river valley is DEFINATLY one to challenge the hardiest rider!


See you on Wednesday, 6:30pm for another fantastic fall ride!