For your Enjoyment:

It seems that our group likes trains. Several of our adventures have involved a train. I came across  this vid  I thought this would warm your spirit on such a cold night.



Ya Got a spare hour?

One of my favorite drool mags is Called Momentum Magazine. Its thick with great articles on cycling culture in North America and is primarily produced from Vancouver, so it has lots of Canadian cycling content. There are articles on destinations, accessories, commuting etc. Its a mag focused on getting people to use their bikes as an everyday transportation/recreational/adventure tool.

You can drop by MEC or the Edmonton Commuters Society for free paper edition  but it went digital a couple of years ago . If you are interested click here to wander through the mag: Click on the Dec issue # 48 besides the cover pic for a PDF version. I also have a few paper copies at my shop if you are interested in “borrowing” them.

Oh yeah get a kleenex or two before you start to read, to clean up the streaks down yer chin or the puddles, so your significant other won’t think you are totally gross! Enjoy