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What a Great day for a bike ride!

We sure had nice weather today! So I put on some new Marathon Land Cruiser tires (sort of a nice all season bike tire) that I got from Red Bike last month.

They work really well on the hard packed, snowy streets and slushy, wet, main streets and shoulders on the highway. Having the right tires (you can even get studded bike tires), lights and appropriate clothing for winter riding is fun and feasible! As matter of fact I think I was a wee bit too warm today!

Here is a video from Denmark filmed just recently, goes to show that Lloyd and I aren’t the only crazy (old) fools!

As a matter of fact if the weather is nice on Sunday I will probably go out again! Wanna join me?

A Ride Report of a Different Sort

Here it is the third of December and I am already cruising the internet trying to sooth the Tour Beast within…. 

Doesn’t help when Marv shows up all smiley faced and pumped up about a trip to Beliese he is trying to shanghai some people to join him in the wanderlust of winter!

Sigh some of us have to work and only do the vicarious thing of reading other peoples adventure like this one: a 700 mile cruise down the Pacific coast.

(I’m looking forword to the Banff Jasper trip in July!!!!)

(hmm if you want to get away this summer call Marv – he is supposed to get me some info on this trip to put up here on the blog)



So go grab a cup tea, sit back down and click the link and enjoy