My First Ride of 2011

Saturday Jan 29 – 3:15 pm

6km – avg 18 kph. –17 c light snow

OMG! I am out of shape! I feel wasted –

So how are Ya?  Okay have we had enough snow?


I can hardly wait for the new season to start! ( have to get back in riding condition!)

Are to planning on commuting more in 2011?
We have some great activities planned for this year .

– Jasper to Banff tour July 16-24.  Marv say this is going to be the best J-T-B yet! More great food, another T-shirt, A new pair of riding shorts for MARV. Word is this trip is going to fill up fast! so stay tuned and mark your calendar!

Lyle is toyng with the Idea  of a cycling/ canoe / hang out  at Buck Lake in June

There is even rumour of Trying to do a 200 km ride from here to Wabamum Lake and back in 1 day Ultra marathon Ride – Why? to stretch yourself and push the limits- Ya Wanna Live For Ever?  This will help or kill ya!

Theme for this year – Fitter, Faster, Commute and Tour! 

its easy to say: Bindar Dundat got the T.  But to stay young at heart we should push the limits- So Plan to get off the sofa, git on yer bike and Lets have a blast in 2011

So Tune in the the blog for great ride reports, equipment reviews, some great interviews, interesting videos and stories from the web. And of course ride schedules and event announcements

Get out and ride!



Last Call for Belize Trip

I Believe in Biken’ Belize 2011

From Marv Weiss

Hello and Happy New year to yahall

It has come to my attention that there is still some life left in this Belize Bike Adventure.
So I thought I would make one last appeal to the GodSpoke community to see if there are any more interested parties.

For those of you not familiar with this tour it is a derivation customized for our group taken from an existing tour by a Canadian company out of Toronto.

Please check this link for a breakdown very close to the tour being offered.

Some of the changes incorporated for our tour are to extend the tour a full 2 weeks and to not be confined to leaving on a weekend.

Therefore, the tour will leave Edmonton Tuesday March1 and arrive back March 16th.

Here is an amended day breakdown provided by OBR tours.

Day 1/2 Black Orchid and day ride
Day 3 -Drive out 15-20 kms and go to just past an Ignaciao–Clariss Falls Resort which i just found and is along a river.
Day 4/5–Ride to Tikal–hop in truck if need to if find too long but is not a tough ride but the only semi long day. Rest day and tour tikal ruins
Day 6 Up early drive back to San Ignacio and ride up Caracol road to hotel part way. This area is called the Pine Ridge Forest and very secluded and a nature reserve
DAY 7 Ride to Caracol and tour site and ride back to hotel or truck back–riders choice. Time to stop at the falls/pools area for a dip in the river.
Day 8 Drive back to highway and ride short distance to Achtun Tichnil cave system, meet guides and hike in to Archeological camp site near the cave-this is a beautiful hike in rain forest and hike through 2 rivers. Can swim in the entrance to the cave as nice deep pool.
DAY 9 Cave tour, lunch and short bike ride to Caves Branch-bunk house
Day 10 Day to enjoy any of the Caves Branch tours they have-the river maybe too low to do the cave tubing as rivers start getting lower at this time. But many other cool tours top choose from–i highly recommend the waterfalls cave tour or zip lining –see and see list of tours—
DAY 11—BikeTo Cocscombe Nature Reserve–not a long bike and time to relax and go on short hike if want to as this park is noted for its trails.
DAY 12— Bike to Placencia
DAY 13/14 Placencia relax–scuba dive, snorkl etc etc-htis area is prety mellow–not a wild party area but lots of little restaurants and accomodations along the beach–is noted for reefs in nearby area
Day 15 Pick up and drive back to Balck Orchid–choice to fly out or stay another night there or if want to can use this spare day to saty extra day and hike at Cocscombe or hike to the temple through rain forest area that is near Clarissa Falls
Day 16 Transfer to Airport return to Edmonton

Please note that day 8 is the one night that we will be camping and they will provide tents. They have suggested that what they have done in the past is purchased a blanket for the one night, as it warm this time of year, and they leave it with one of the locals as a gift. Just a thought for this one night that cannot be adjusted to a hotel as there is nothing close to the ruins.

There are still some final details to work out but as they need a commitment from us to start booking hotels and such I thought this last posting would help in finalizing our numbers.

I definitely believe that this will indeed be an Adventure Vacation very unique to what we have done before but I am confident all participants will be up for the challenge. An Adventure of a Lifetime.

The cost of this tour does not include;
Airfare to and from Belize City
Meals, except for a continental breakfast for hotel stays.
Bike rentals (they are still checking to see if this is an option)
Bum Butter

The tour will include tons of all kinds of things you have never done before, unless of course you have already been on this tour once before?

So there it is people. We have our minimum of 6 but there is room for a few more adventurous souls. So for the price of

$1999.99 Cad
all this could be yours and Marv will even buy you an ice cream or Margarita, but I have to see if she is available when we come (just kidding).

Please give this some thought and let me know as soon as you can. Thank you again for those individuals (you know who you are) who kept the dream alive, your support and faith make these trips all that much more special.

Hoping to here from you and thanks again.