How Not to Get Hit By Cars

As we look forward to our first ride(mid march) of the New Year I came across this site that gives some great practical advise about:


And if you want a little bit of Art d’Cycle,  click here if you like cats, bikes, welding and classical music.




My Cheeks Are Sore!

Man ya just don’t realise how out of shape you are until you go for a long ride after 4 months of relative inactivity. I rode in from Calmar this afternoon – 20km. Great weather and it sure beats riding a trainer like I did last year! It seems like the roads and paths are lot cleaner and it “warmer” too!

So get your bike off the trainer and get some Vitamin D exposure.  Get a break from cabin fever syndrome and do something outdoors (like ride a bike) on Sunday! You never know how long the nice weather will last. Winking smile

Some of us Rode in Feb ‘08


(gotta get those training kms in for the Jasper to Banff tour this summer, those mountain passes are gonna be a grunt)


Aww … what a relief!

Have you noticed that when you drive home from work now that its STILL DAY LIGHT!   I have been watching closely! As soon as it is still light enough  by 6 pm to be seen clearly by traffic (20 min after the sun goes past the horizon) I am going to start riding home from work!

Today as I drove up to my place I got all excited because they ploughed the street on the new development west of my place! It was clear enough to ride! Hey, the sun is still up! 

Ride NOW! 

Run in the house,  put on heavier coat, buff, winter cycle cap, head outside; wups , need odometer (gotta track those CKAP kms), go back in house, get odometer off computer desk head outside; wups, need batteries for lights (gotta have the bling you know) go out to garage. Ugh, want tunes, need iphone and speaker, head back into house, check the speaker to make sure its battery is charged? Yup, head out garage. Aww … where gloves? O yeah in new bike bag in computer room, go back in house, get bag and gloves. head back to garage. Okay got everything, sit on bike… drat, one set of batteries not charged, go back in to get other set out of charger. Now go back outside. Everything on bike, music going, odometer on, flick off kickstand, sit on bike…

Hmmm something don’t feel right… look at tires… Drat, cold flat. Whip off right hand glove, grab tire pump, first front tire, hook up pump: wuffa, wuffa, wuffa. Now for the back tire! Drat, the presta valve is stickin’. Okay, attach pump: wuffa,  wuuffa  … (one less wuffa – not as flat). put the pump away,  sit on bike …

 NOW I’m ready!!

New years ride 1

Awww, its nice to ride the ‘bent … wait the sun light is almost gone… too much time gone getting ready for a quick ride! Oh Well …. 20 min  and 5km later. I am a very happy biker!

I Got to Ride!!!

20 minutes later I get a call for Tom (New bikin’ buddy who lives 7 km further west) calls and says “hey saw you out riding tonight- way to go – when are we going to ride?“ Maybe this weekend the weather looks like it may cooperate for a change WAHOO!! We talk about some other bikin’ stuff and about the New County Transportation Plan (we are both on the Leduc Multi User Pathway Planning Committee)   Nice call –

I got to ride today!

Some warm days ahead -  get out and Rides !