Sunday Afternoon ride around Pigeon Lake

There is growing interest in riding around Pigeon Lake some time this fall. In order to find the best weekend that works for the majority of us sunday riders I am offering a poll. Please choose the best one or two dates for you!

This will stay up for a bit so let others know and we’ll finalise everything early in September. In the mean time get out and ride! Come out this Wednesday  7pm



Great Ride Tonight

Tonight was probably one of the nicest rides weather wise we have had all summer! It was simlpy georeous! 10 riders did the follwing with a break at Mcdonalds!

There is some talk of doing a Sunday ride around Pigeaon Lake Early in September will post a pool soon to detemine date.

Please Pray for Karen Effa – as you may know she was hit by a vehicle the other night and had surgery for her ankle and Knee – Pray for a speedy and full recovery.  Karen was an inspiration and rabbit on our Jasper to Banff tour.-

See you next week!

Ride Report: Calmar to Bentley

What a beautiful Day for a ride. I finally headed south from Calmar to
Pipestone around 8:20 Sat morning.  I arrived in Bentley around 5:20 pm. Yep 9
hrs. 132 km of slogging up and down MONSTER PUKEIN’ HILLS! This must have been the toughest ride in my life! Partly because I had to go around roads that turned to
gravel on me, making me detour and adding another 25 km. That’s not so bad,
usually I can ride 25 extra km-no problem, only it was a steady day of riding up
hill – I only averaged 18km for the whole day. I spent ALOT of time slugging up
hills at 7kph! But I did Hit +65kph a couple of times 🙂

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But the vistas were great! I never walked one single hill at all. I must
admit hills add character to ones life. But I did it and from that I got a great
adventure and the knowledge that you can climb along time with with your muscles
achin and complaining. This would be a typical Marv Adventure: Destination- yes!
Accurate miles and route: no; well sorta.

After my bout of medical issues this past year; it feels good I can do these
epic rides again and not DNF.  See ya Wednesday nite for the ride


No Ride 4 me tonight

Sorry for the late Post but I can not make it to the ride tonight. I was at the Doctors until almost 6 and then to the Pharmacy. And now the forecast sys it is going to rain all evening! ARRRRRG! And as I look outside here in Calmar it is starting to do that! Oh yeah; I still plan to ride from Calmra to Bently Saturday; if you are interested in joining me call me At 780-nine eight five eight five zero five.

Have a great evening  Larry

Need more Saddle Time?

I’m looking for some company on an epic ride to the Great Metropolis of Bently, Alberta this Saturday (weather permitting).
Starting at 8 am, we wil travel 110 km along secondary highways; self supported, unless I get a volunteer to drive the Van. Alice will pick us up and take us back to Leduc around 4pm. Interested? Email me or call me or let me know on Wednesdays evening ride. See ya then!