no ride tonight

well if you want you can. it’s to windy for me to drive to Calmar and back, then push into the stiff breeze all night so…. have great ride/ night we will talk to you soon.
p. s. We had a fantastic ride in the River Valley last Sunday





Ride Sunday Sept 25

Looks like the weather will cooperate for a great ride Sunday. Meet at 1:00 pm at Crackmasters 49 St and 52 Ave. We will then head into the city for a ride throughout the river valley. Yep its a change of venue but several talked to me about changing it so it would be a more relaxing afternoon. If you want some more info call me Saturday at the shop or show up on Sunday at 1. Bring some cash – you never know where we might stop for a Latte or somethin

Labour Day Ride

Went for a nice ride Monday in the neigborhood. Weather was fanastic and the roads were mainly low traffic. Even Hiway 39 for as long as I was on it. Timed it right too, had a tailwind back from Warburg so my avg was up.  Check here for route and stats:

95 km, just under 4 hours riding time, 4hr 45min total time out… not bad!! for an old f@rt on a recumbent even, ha!

So did you ride this past weekend?  Looks like we be having a hot nite Wednesday; So Come on out for a great ride! We don’t know how many nice nights we have left!

Check your rear light, by the time we leave for home after coffee it’s getting a bit darker!