Coma Ridin” Wid Me..

6: 45 pm
easy peezie ride
u git to see everyone and laff alot

No body takes me seriously anymore


A new year , a new Challenge

Last year I missed the sign up for 30 days of cycling Challenge but still did my own Challenge. It was a pain in the @$$ somedays butt at the end I was stoked for the rest of the year. In someways it was the best month of riding for 2011.

So hear is your chnce to challenge yourself. Join me and start your yrear right.


It’s Here, It’s Here!!

Welcome to the New 2012 Cycling Season!

I realize that Some of you have already been out cycling when the weather has been decent!



Due to Cooler weather this week and the fact that i start back to work at the airport after nearly 2 months off, we are going to Start our rides Wednesday April 29, @6:45 Pm at Smitties Restaurant Parking Lot. We we then go for a nice ride around the City pathways , around the lake and head back to Smitties around 8 P.M.

We will then Convene inside for refreshments and a Chat on where we are heading tis year. A brief Promo on a proposed Summer Ride Destination: Ride Across Idaho! June: 22-30

This year I am quite a bit busier So I Need people to Step up and Take a bite out of Leading and hosting events.


If you have a Saturday or Wednesday night theme Ride you want to do. I am asking you plan it and, Host it and Lead it. With our group their is not a lot of work to each because everyone chips in so much to make things like this easy going.

I will lead a lot of rides on Wednesdays but If i can’t show up because of work go ahead and ride together’.

We are going to have a great Year We will talk about this and other Stuff Next Wednesday.

See you there!

GodSpoke Cyclists Leduc

Over did it

Looks like I over did it yesterday. My right knee is a bit sore, so I should take it easy today. So I will not be able to ride in Leduc this afternoon. I will probably just do a small Loop around Calmar. But go for a ride yourself. Take care.

Its almost upon us


Thursday March 21, 7 pm

either a Ride / Social

Depends on Weather of Course

But Plan to Ride a bit and Socialize Later to catchup and help plan some of our events for the year.  So find your gear, wash out those stale tights and be ready.

As a thought provoker here is a ride Alice and I are planning to attend again this June 21-29 In Kellogg Idaho

TOT 2012

Video of last time down:

TOT’ 08

Triking thede Trail Coeur d’Alene


Here is FAQ of the Ride from the “organisers”


Details to follow if there is interest

This one of the best rides nearish our neck of the world.

Well,  you get the Idea

Alice and I are committed. We ‘d like to see some of our biking friends to come along. Thinks about it and lets talk!