Anniversary Training Ride!

Hey  all! Our training ride leaves the Leduc Alliance Church parking lot at 6:45. We will decide the direction after we see which way the wind is blowing. It is looking like a great night for a ride. Come on out and help Carol & I celebrate our 24th Anniversary with some good exercise.



Ride Canceled if raining

If is raining there are no Rides

Its raining here in Calmar so I presume the same for Leduc. If you are brave enuff go fer it maybe someone else is too. I ain’t!

Maybe a sunday ride is in order, Wanna?

A Training we will go! A Training we will go! Grab your bike and come on Down, A Training we will go!

Happy long weekend everyone! If, like me you had a bit too much to eat and drink this weekend, this is your chance to work it off. We are leaving the Leduc Alliance Church parking lot at 6:45pm tonite. The current plan is to 1) Ride out on Rollyview road to 50th street, south to Glen Park road, and then north on 2A back to Leduc, or 2) North on Highway 2 to the Nisku Timmys, further north on Sparrow Drive to 625, east to 50th street, south to airport road, west to sparrow drive and south back into leduc. The group will decide which route just before we leave. Following the ride Carol & I will serve a cold beverage in our backyard.

Come on out and join us!!!


Idaho Panhandle trip Coming together!

Kellogg, Osburn, Bull Run, Wallace, Black Rock, Mullan, Smelterville, Pinehurst, Medimont, Harrison, Cataldo, Plummer, Enaville and all points in between Welcomes You to Tator TOT 2012! Join us for a few days of riding the supersmooth 75-mile-long Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes. A pot luck BBQ, twilight dinner cruise, funky bridge, miles of flat levees, Water falls, tunnels (1 almost 2km long), trestles and more await us in the Idaho panhandle.


Plans are cementing and the excitemnt is buiding as people are making plans for the TOT. Here is a thread on a couple rides thrown out for consideration during the event:

My plan is to leave thursday afternoon, maybe even ride down Kicking Horse pass to a least Radium for the night and a dunk. Then head into the U.S. Friday, arriving in Kellogg late friday afternoon.

It would be great to get a few others to come along! We have about 5-6 planning to come that I have heard from so far. This is our Big Summer Trip this year and is going to be a blast. Please Do ThePoll and Contact me to let me know if you are even considering coming. It would be great to go together!

We’ll have get together between the 3 to 9 of June to finalize our plans on going , etc..

Have nice May Long Weekend


P.S. I updated the Schedule Page Take a Peek!

Training Ride Anyone?

Hey Everyone! We leave from the Alliance church parking lot at 6:45 tonight. We will ride out towards rollyview, north on 50th street, west on airport road, and back into Leduc. SHould be around 35km’s

Come on out for some exercise this fine evening!



More info On Idaho Trip

The TOT trip in Idaho is fast coming up For the 22nd of June. Hereis some of the latest ifo from the message board On BentRiderOnline. which is the “offiacial “hub and info place :
If you are undecided just think of it a 4 times more fun and reaaly safe on a 100 mike or paved bike path, etc.