Buck Lake Rides in August

The ride we tried to put on last summer is on for the third weekend in August. We are hosting as many riders (and/or spouses) as want to join us for a 2 day or 5 day (your choice) Weekend August 22nd thru 26th. The schedule is tentative and will be set by majority vote by the participants. So far this is what we have:

Wednesday: Ride from Leduc to Breton (75km) and overnight there either in the Big Tee motel ($65 double $75 Quad) or a church basement if we want to rough it. Sag vehicle supported

Thursday: Ride from Breton to Our Cabin on Beautiful Buck Lake (52km)

Friday: Canoe trip on the North Saskatchewan River

2 day attendees would drive out to the Cabin Friday Afternoon

Saturday : Em tee Town Ride (27km one way) With a tour of the old town, a meal in the Saloon, a very cool historical experience. We can also visit nearby Ponderosa City with some neat shops etc. There is also an old fashioned swimming hole in the creek for those that are interested. Return can be by vehicle or by Cycle depend on the group.

Sunday: A relaxing day at the Lake with us returning to Leduc in the late afternoon or early evening.

All meals will be provided except Supper in Breton and Lunch in Emtee town.

There are onsite accomodations (beds) for 16 visitors plus plenty of room for campers/RVs. Hot Showers, Bathrooms, and Laundry facilities are available.

The property is lake front with; Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Water-skiing, Tubing, Horseshoes, Playing field, Shore walks, Fire pit, Hammocks etc.

While there is a full schedule of activities, anyone is welcome to skip any or all and relax on their own or in groups.Non Cyclists are welcome to join us as well.

The only costs you will pay are for the motel, meals (two bought, and the rest communal), and gas for the sag. The Communal meals and gas should be less than $75 (depending on how many attend).

Please send us an email if you have any questions or would like to participate  so we can get a sense for numbers. We would like to finalize the details by Mid July.

We love our time at the lake and we would love to share it with you!

Lyle & Carol


No Rain… We train!

Hi everyone!

I only got one ride in last week and I need a good rip. I am planning on a training ride leaving the Alliance Church at 6:45 Monday night. Come on out and join me!


Its that weather thing again …

It looks like the weather is going to be crappy on Wednesday, so. I am tired of not riding; be as it may I am giving forewarning that herein forthwith THIS WEEK the regular ride shall be held on thursday!!!!!!!! The forecast looks like it will be nicer then. That saying if Wednesday is all clear and warm and sunny by 6:00 pm then… Well … Arrrgg we’ll deal with it then. But for now, thursday 6:45 same bat time, same bat canal – lol
Larry <!


Had a chance to ride the velo in a bit of rain today- look ma – me no wet!!!!


I am glad we have it or it would be a dull place to live. But some types I don’t like at certain times; like blizzards when I want to go skiing, or when I am trying to drive home in the winter. But the worst is rain when I WANT TO GO CYCLING ON WEDNESDAY NITE!!!!!!!      ARRRRGGGGGGGG!

Due to weather we need, but makes riding a bike a real Adventure!
!!!!  No Biking tonight !!!!

But I am planing to ride on Sunday. Either from Leduc to South Common for a nice meal or from Drayton Valley to Leduc. If you are wanting to join me send me an  email for details!       bentrydr at telus dot net

Hopefully the weather will co operate!