Man I Was just Blown Away!…

I left at 6:30 from my shop to ride to The Allliance Church for the Monday Nite Ride. I got 3 blocks.and the Wind Storm Rushed up. So I turned Back and DNF’d the Ride tonight. I was flyin over 38Kph back with the wind while pedestrians were leaning into the wind. How many of you started then headed back too?  (Monday Aug 30 )

As Far as I know the ride will go on Wednesday night, So See you there.

I also added an Upcoming Big Rides Sidebar to the Blog to help everyone plan out the rest of the Year.
I do not have a ride planned for the Sept Long Week end. If you have an idea and would like to post it let Lyle or I know and we will get it up there! If 3 or 20 show up it will be a great ride; so don’t be afraid of the turn out. Get the idea and lets go!
See Ya Wednsday!



Ridin’ Tonite

Anyone who wants to go for a ride tonite should be at the LAC at 6:45 and be raring to go!

See you there!


Well, a core group of 6 Godspokers have booked the flights for our trip, and we got a great deal!!! The flight from Los Angeles to Christchurch, with a return from Auckland to Fiji (with an optional 6 day stopover to enjoy the island) and then back to Los Angleles is $1173.58 USD (about $1208 CAD). We also have to book a return flight from Edmonton to L.A. that is currently $460.00 CAD and with a seat sale should be $350.00CAD (no guarantees). At worst the flights will cost a total of $1670.00CAD. Marvin has a great route planned where we cycle for 12 days, all on the South Island , and then do some touring of the North Island  in our rental van and on the train.  We will spend a total of 28 days in New Zealand covering the North and South Islands, If you can’t take that much time you could join us for the 1st half (cycling) or the 2nd half (Touring). The cost for the land portion is approx $3000 PP and provides bike rental, all accommodations, vehicle and train transfers. Meals, and entertainment will be extra and discretionary for each participant. If you only come for half the trip the land portion of the costs will be reduced appropriately.  Mike & Nicky, the NZ couple our group met while on our Italy trip are planning on joining us for the cycle tour and they will be hosting us at their farm on the North Island and playing quasi tour guides.

PEOPLE, this is a great opportunity to see a wonderful country(s) and people at a fabulous cost. There are room for more to join us (Marvin, Lyle, Carol, George, Judy, and Jamie Simmons (Friend of Marv’s)) Contact Marv at 780-986-2866 or Lyle at 780-986-7966 if you have questions or want to join us.

PS as a BONUS OPTION, at no additional flight cost, you can spend up to 6 more days at the end of the trip in Fiji. The accommodation is expected to be about $100-$150 per night, double occupancy and that includes spending 3-4 days in a tropical island resort off the coast of Fiji (One of my dream vacations, think Gilligan’s Island!).

Now is the time to sign up for this great experience! (Cause the flight prices will only go up)




Well, the rain started at my house at 6pm and while it is not steady I have decided to cancel the official ride for tonite. If you have raingear and want to brave it I encourage you to go out for a spin.

Next ride is Monday night, Have a good weekend!


Some Interesting Safe Cycling Facts & Ride Updates

Check out this Web FAQ Page:

There is some really helpful info and animations that could help you be safer Riding on our Streets


Monday Night Rides

We have made some changes to our ride format on Maodays. Its no Longer a Strictly Jolt ride! but it will still be a faster ride depending in degree on who shows up. We made the change to take advantage of weather, schedules and opprutunities to ride.
So Now you have 2 Choices 2 Ride, Mondays and or Wednesdays meeting @ 6:45 pm, the Leduc Alliance church on Black Gold Drive.


Tour D’ ALberta  Sunday July 21
Talk to Lyle & Carol ’bout dis one!

Weekend at Lyles!  Resort sorta.     August 18 0r 25th ?
Get in touch with Lyle on this one or Come out on a weekly ride and twist his ear for more info. Riding, Campfires, Smokin’ Good Eats, Canoeing,  Murray exclaiming “Tremendoo”  alot! ~ Man what else could you ask for, in a Great Summer Weekend Getaway!

Sunday Late Brunch in the City  Aug 11
We ride into South Common to Eat, Chat, laugh,  then ride back to Leduc along some nice less used roads. A Highlight of last years rides. If Marvin shows up we’ll see if he can beat last years Rib Eatin’ Extravaganza………BurP!

Fall Colors Ride & Campfire/Hot Dog Scorch Fest in Edmontons River Valley, Mid Sept

Louise to Canmore Tour
Sept 21- 23 or 28-30 depending on Common Interest. Highlights:  The Banff Legacy Trail, an evening dinner at the Storm Mountain Lodge near Castle Mountian. Walkin around Banff, Hot Springs, Camp Fires etc. Warm, comfy Hotels rooms to …………. snuggle in, ya snuggle.  😉  Stay tuned  for details.

Chilli Willy Ride  October 13
The Last Formal Ride of the season. A Cool Ride and Hot Chilly … mmmmmmmm
Details are forth coming

Year End Round Up Party Nov 24 or Dec 1
Always a warm time to see what happened and to forcast into the New Year- Plan Now!

Hot Time in The City

Well the Weather is Here so lets enjoy and take advantage of it while we can!

Meet Monday at 6:45 for a Jolt of riding action!  Prepare to sweat off all that watermelon and ice cream you enjoyed on the weekend to keep cool, as we blaze thru the local quiet evening streets of Leduc and Area.
Our Monday night rides can be more of a challenge but do not be detered to come out. We strive to gear the ride for the group that turns out. So you vote what type of ride it will be.  Majority will rule! So if you want to meander or get yur sweat on,  get  your spouse and friends to come out to influence the ride!

Bring lots of fluid to rehydrate and a bungy cord to reel Carol G. back and we are set and off!