Wanna ride on the Long weekend?

I am considering a ride around Pigeon Lake on Monday. Meet at Zion Park Campground and ride around the Lake. Stopping for lunch in Mameo Beach on the south end. This should take about 6 hours total (65km plus breaks) If you are interested Please fill out the poll below. or drop me a note at bentrydrattelus.net.

I just want to say a Big Thank you to to Carol and Lyle and Lyles Dad for a wonderful time at their Cabin last weekend. Definatly a highlight this year. I also want to thank each and everyone who came out you made it a special time. It is for you that we host these get togethers and I personally look forward many more in our future!

What ever you are up to this coming weekend: God Bless and Have FUN!



Monday Night!

Hey all! We are just relaxing after a great weekend with 23 Godspokers out at Buck Lake. We had two great rides though the wind on Saturday was challenging indeed. The fellowship and adventure was great to be a part of.

Larry & I will both be busy tomorrow night so Carol is taking on the leadership role. Do her a favour and come on out so she does’nt have to ride all by herself.

I will be out again on Wednesday!

Have a good week.


Monday Night Ride & Buck Lake Update


Hello Godspokers!

The weather looks like it will be great for our regular Monday night ride tomorrow. Come on out for some fresh air and
exercise. As usual we meet at 6:45pm at the LAC.
The Buck Lake Adventure is on for next weekend. We have 25 people participating over the weekend. The attached file shows who is coming and lays out the itinerary for the trip. There will also be the usual lake activities, boating, swimming, campfires, horseshoes etc. as well as hammocks, paddle boats, seadooing, and a whole lot of good fellowship. The only cost will be cost recovery on the food for the weekend. Bring your own snacks to keep your energy up during the rides.

We have room for more so if you want to join us for the weekend or even just a day you are welcome. Just let me know via the blog, send me an email at lyle@garstad.ca, or call me at 780-986-7966.


Buck Lake 2012

P.S. I will be emailing maps and directions to the participants in the next little while.


We Riding in da rain…

What a glorious feelin …. Like Murray said “how often do you get to ride in a WARM rain in Alberta!?”. It was a bit shorter ride tonight but very nice. Plus as an added bonus, while Wouter, Alice and I were having soup and coffee at Tim Horton’s after we got served a free Ham sandwich and cinnamon bagel with cream cheese as they were having some sort of in house competition to make and serve stuff. The people sitting inside received free food and drinks. How cool is that! See what you miss when you forsake the gathering of the body?! how often do you get free food at Timmy’s?!

Also do not forget this coming Sunday meet at the Alliance church at 1:30 pm for THE Sunday Ride into Edmonton & Brunch! We will be having a early dinner/Late lunch at South Sommon’s Montana,s probably around 3pm or so. If you can’t ride, show up for brupper. Larry

Monday Night Ride

Hey Everyone! Carol & I are having an especially long weekend and will not be able to ride tonight. It looks to be a great night for a ride so we encourage anyone who is interested to show up at the LAC for 6:45 and head out together.
See you all Wednesday!