I Am SIck

Having faced the wrath of my loving wife, I must postpone the Banff trip until, well maybe the 13th of October. Having a severe sinus cold that I seem to just be getting over, I am not allowed to go outside and play.

This also means that I will not be at Wednesday nites ride either. AARRGG!
Please, if YOU are feeling well,  go out and meet with others and ride, enjoy the weather and each others company.
See you soon,
oh yeah,
As for the Fall Colors Ride we are Looking at Monday October 8. Since we are having a late fall there should be some leaves on the trees still and we’ll need to work off all that turkey from Sundays Thanksgiving Dinner! Stay tuned for details next week.


Banff Trip

Yes I am still planning to a Banff weekend Sept 28,29,30. The plan has evolved to meeting and staying at Tunnel Mtn Campground. Then cycling Saturday from Banff to Canmore and back. hot tub, dinner at a local estb. Alice and I will be leaving Friday Morning, coming back Sunday or Monday.


Everyone is welcome to join us. I have had a really bad cold for the last week so I apologise for not posting sooner.

Impromptu Saturday Ride.


Wouter called me on Friday and said he was free for a ride on Saturday afternoon so we decided to go for it. We met at The Millwoods Rec center near 4 pm and decided to things, to ride towards the heart of the city and to haver dinner at a east indian buffet he knew about. So off we went. Four hours latter we had completed a 52 km loop down to Millwoods Ravine, west along the River Valley up and over to 142 street, then along River Valley Dr; then down a ravine to over the multiway bridge into Harlech Park. Then we headed back along Saskatchewan Dr. Behind the University, and Old Strathcona; then south again along mill Creek Ravine and over to Millbourne Alliance church ( where I use to be the Youth Pastor). Then south along Millbourne Rd until we hit a multipath south into townhouse country and eventually back to the Rec Center. Then we went to a wee East Indian Caribbean Musala (?) Buffet Restaurant on 75 st for a uber $10 buffet and conversation.
Probably one of my most enjoyable rides of the season. Wait I say that almost every time!
Glory be to Him who created such a day and for us to have the freedom, resources and time to enjoy it.



Who Wants to Ride Saturday?

Wouter and i will be heading into the city to explore the path system in Millwoods, MillCreek RAVINE , SUPPER AND BACK . CURRENT SCHEDULE IS MEET IN MILLWOODS AROUND 3:30  AND BE BACK TO OUR VEHICLES BY 8 PM. Where we go,   ? Where we eat, ?  So call me on my cel if you want to join.  Could be a really nice afternoon romp in the City!

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Not Your typical GRR photo

I finally got the photos of our ride to  EM TEE Town West of Edmonton a couple of weeks ago unto flickr. About 12? of us spent the weekend at Lyle & Carols cabin on Buck Lake. We did the usual camp fires and BBQ’s,  but  we also spent a day riding about 50 km around the area. One of the highlights was a tour and lunch at this recreation of a western town. Sort of touristy but gave me an opportunity to do some themed photos for my desktop. You can see more of our trip on the flicker page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/69950241@N06/sets/72157631517366672/ It a re creation of a Western town. Had some fun taking a few photos then I played with them last night . Here is my favourite so far.

GRR West b w

Monday ride weather postponment

I trust you all had a great weekend. The Wilton park hall ride on Saturday was awesome! Too bad some of you missed it. Well the weather today isn’t the greatest so we’ll see you on Wednesday when the weather is supposed to be nicer.
Iphones are great ’cause I get to post to the blog while I am in Edmonton getting bike parts!

Ride to Wilton Hall

This saturday Sept 8, Wouter and I will be riding from Calmar to Wilton Hall (26km round trip). If we are feeling up to it we may ride the Loop to the Devon Turn off and back to Calmar (45km loop).

If you are interested we will be leaving My place around 4:30. Enough people show up we can have a fire and have hotdog scorch fest after the ride. 

P.S. a photo of My bike and Wouters new Tour Easy Recumbent