Week of Nov 26 Stuff


Well winter is just starting and I am already going Loopy…


My Friend Dick Came by on Saturday to see the Ice Adventure, “Wow that is a nice ride?” Smile he said “its a lot more comfortable than I thought, hmmm…”

Dyck on ICE

Its nice to have people drop in to try the trike. And with a large enough shop area you can ride when ever! Even if it is winter! So give us a call and drop by! If you have any questions about ICE Trike Give us a call or email us  at renucyl at telus dot net

We also had a great time on Sunday at the Garstads for the Grey Cup

2012-11-25 18.31.39

We talked about some events in the new Season and  about a BNO! Boys Night Out for A Dinner and movie next week, Probably Friday Dec 7. All guys welcome to come for a great Time and to help celebrate someone’s 55th birthday!


Grey Cup? Windup? Whatever…Just Show Up!!!

Hey Everybody! Long Time no Chat! Let’s do something about that.

Carol & I are hosting a joint Godspoke/Football event this Sunday.  We can get together and visit, talk cycling, maybe discuss an Epic summer ride,  all while cheering for your favorite team (Calgary or Toronto, sadly not much to pick from) that is playing in the Grey Cup.

Kick off is at 4pm MST, Feel free to come by for 3pm.

This is a very casual affair, Lyle’s Famous Grey Cup Chili is on the Menu at  half time and if we are really lucky Carol will bake fresh Buns. We will also have some Chips & Dip and veggie tray. BYOB, although there may be a glass or two of wine on hand for anyone who is interested. (please no gifts of wine for the hosts)

Should be lots of laughs and good times. Come on out and join us!


8 Bonin Place, Leduc



It s Time to plan our Yearly Ender and Xmas Party

Hi Everyone,

So do you miss seeing everyone? Are you interested in seeing some of the tenative plans for our 2013 season, Do you want to see some photos and retell some of our riding stories from 2012?

Great let’s Party!  Mmm ?   where and when? Do we have a volunteer host and Home? Would yu like to host our get together? Please call Larry or Lyle if you would like to? the Date is open still. and we need a place. Call ASAP.

Demo Ride

I took the demo ICE Adventure trike out for a ride
today. It was only 3 km, sort of around the block to test out the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded Tire I put on the rear wheel. I had taken a run early and got stuck in any kind of loose snow. With the Marathons I was movin’. It was nice to get out for a bit after all the bad weather we’ve had this week.
Who says you have to stop cycling when it snows!?  Trikes, a way to ride all year round!

Remember this Wednesday Nov 14, Meet at
Smitty’s in Leduc For a Coffee and lets talk cycling, catch up, etc., @ 7 pm

Snow Trike

The City takes a lickin’ by the heavy snow yesterday, but this Triker just plows though.

sno trike

Andrew Bacon rides his recumbent trike to work at the Winspear Centre in the heavily falling snow in Edmonton on Wednesday Nov. 7, 2012.
Photograph by: John Lucas, Edmonton Journal

Now that is what I call dedication!

Marv is WOW’d

Marv stopped by the shop today to check out the ICE Adventure Hd Rear suspended recumbent trike I have for demo rides. By the grin  on his face I believe he really enjoyed it. “ Man, it’s so fun, its like a go cart!”

2012-11-06 16.07.102012-11-06 16.07.19 

With 3 wheels, it should be fun doin’ donuts in the snow and racing and drifting on Telford lake this winter. With the shop its easy to ride inside even with the weather below –30C. Drop down for a chat and take it for a spin. This the third trike Renu Cycle has had. We sold the other 2 Ice trikes to a nice couple just north of Devon. Looks like this cycling season just isn’t over for us! Next year should be a blast!

Wouter B and I cordially invite anyone to join us for coffee, maybe a bit O”pray or whatever every other Wednesday night around 7 pm. Its just a continuation of the Godspoke  BS group. We’ll talk about cycling, spouses etc. So if you have nothing special or want to get out of those”honey do’s” here is your chance. Next meet is Wednesday Nov 14 at Smitty’s

GodSpoke Cyclists Leduc

Our first Snowfall!

Snow might signal the end of the season for most but not over at My shop. Today I received my first shipment of ICE Trikes. 3 good sized boxes arrived. Inside are 3 ICE Adventure tadpole trikes. 2 are sold, already! ;); the 3rd is going to be our shop demo trike. So drop by and take a ride and try out this fun, comfortable ride.You can ride indoors on Saturdays!

Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers to get this off the ground, its been a heck of a process and overall I am pleased with the growth of Renu Cycle this past year we more then doubled last years invoices!

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