A New Flag

We ordered a new flag for our demo trikes for when we are out and about the Neighbourhood!

Keep Tuning in Here for updates on the New Zealand trip. They start out on their adventure this week….


Any Chance I Get

Last week we had a bit of a respite from the weather, So I took the opportunity to take the ICE Adventure out for spin. The roads were great and any snow or puddles I encountered, well the trike handled great! Having a great trike  allows you to take advantage of those winter weather breaks when all it seems to do is snow. For me it was even more freeing after being house bound with a bit of stomach flu for nearly three weeks.

When I stopped for a photo I had some one stop and ask where I got the bike. Well…


Whether you have a trike or not Take advantage of the breaks we get, go for a walk , cross country ski, something!!

We have been talking to our venders for trikes and should soon have Tridents and hopefully another line in soon. Keep your fingers crossed we land the deal for this other line . Their products are AWESOME at a great Value and price point!



Track Your Ride

a bike journalOne of the largest and FREE Cycling Journals is bikejournal.com. Tracking your rides over the year can be a great motivator for personal fitness and yes, some competitiveness/accountabilty. I highly reccommend that you sign up. I did!

Plus I added Godspoke Cyclists Leduc as A Club site for you to join. This adds competiveness,  encouragement, motivation and accountablity.  You can even track it using the browser on your smartphone.

I look forward to see some of you on the Board!



I am excited for the year coming up! Last Night I rode in the New year with my daughter Kara with the ICE Adventure HD.