Makin their Day!

On Thursday Wouter and I had the opportunity to demo the Terra Trike Rover to a class of Special Needs youth from the High School in Beaumont. They and their assistants had a blast riding and encouraging each other trying out the trike. If I could spend my mornings doing this all season long it would be a blessing. To see their eyes light up, the huge grins and the cheering for each other is so inspiring!

Yes, “maybe” one of these students might buy one eventually; but the profound satisfaction Wouter and I get when doing this is indescribable. Our goal is too see as many people as possible riding trikes whether, adults, special needs, baby boomers, they are so fun and meet so many needs!
If You know of a group or class that would like to have a demo of these wonderful trikes, call us and we would love to arrange a time.

Larry and Wouter


Rain Today?

With the unsettled weather and a stressful day, I may not make it to the ride today Wednesday. If it clears up and my day smoothes out I May Make it. So……….

The Nisku Exporatory Mission

Or 2 dudes in the Wind

Wayne and I decided to take adventage of the fgreat weather so we headed into Nisku to see what was new. Wow has there ever been alot of new construction! We traveled a lot of new sections that will be great to ride on Wednesday evenings as Nisku has some of the best and least traveled  roads! well in the evenings anyways.  We had a great tailwid as rode north but heading back to leduc we were into the wind. Great work out! ya right Wayne! Even though I have lost a third ofmy weight the wind still is a pain!

See Ya Wednesday night