Jasper T0 Banff Legacy Trail & Calgary Fish Creek Park Ride

Saturday, October 5th, we will be meeting at the Parks Canada Visitor  Center in Lake Louise at 9:00 a.m. http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/ab/banff/v…acilities.aspx

 We  will ride the Parkway (Highway 1A) to Banff. That distance is about 45 km. Then We will have a late lunch in Banff.   After Lunch we will complete the Legacy Trail 20  kilometers to the Alberta Information Center on the Trans-Canada highway at  Canmore. We have arranged a sag to take us back to get our vehicles from Lake  Louise.
Note: There will be some riding on the road. The Parkway has  reduced speed limits and very limited use by vehicles. Its Very Cyclist friendly! We will not be on the  Trans-Canada Highway. Bring Water and snacks; dress in Layers. That evening, weather permitting we will have a  BBQ at a home (Cornell W. BROL: Bluecoyote) just north of Cochrane and anyone who wants to camp we have lots  of room. The scenery is free. The fire pit will be in action. Bring your lawn  chairs. Cochrane Has several Nice Hotels, etc.. You are responsible for your own Accomodation. (Directions to Cornell’s will be given on Saturday’s ride or Sent if you email me!)

Sunday, October 6th, we will be riding the bike trail in  Calgary.
Ron Waller (BROL: Lovin’it) will be scoping out the trails in the scenic  southern end of the City. Lunch will be at a not-yet-determined location. We  were thinking about a 40 to 50 km round trip. We will post Sundays Meeting location and Date Saturday Evening.

Join Us for ALL or Part of the Rides. Regular Bikes Recumbents, Velomobiles, Whatever! If you are interested in seeing and trying out different recumbent bikes & Trikes then Come on Out! You’ll Have a Blast.

Note: This is a social ride! We will always wait at times for everyone to group up! So What ever your speed You are Welcome!

So far there will be at least 7 of us. More are welcome.
 If you need more info email me at renucycl AT telus dot net

Larry H






Banff Legacy Trail Weekend Ride

Saturday October 5&6. Mark it on Your Calendar!

Ride the Bow Valley Park Way to the Legacy Trail to Canmore,

Enjoy Great Scenery, great riding Companions, Good Food and Maybe a visit to the Hot Springs @ Sulphur Mtn.

Costs: Up to You

Accomo: Up to you

Tentative Schedule, subject to Weather and everyone wishes for the day.
Arrive in Banff Fri Eve,
Saturdays shuttle to start of ride In Lk Louis  ride to Banff, Dinner Sat nite,
Sunday Legacy Trail Banff to Canmore , Lunch and Drive Home

A very open agenda but a great time.
Contact Larry at renucycle at telus dot net for info and planning

Will update ride times and projected course the week before

This serves as a heads up and Mark it on your Calendar!

Go Eat Young Man, Go East…

Saturdays ride in Edmonton was simply AWESOME!

From Flying down 75 st @over 40 KPH to the ends of the eastern most part of the River Valley Trail system to just a gravel path; ADA Blvd,  the bike HIWAYS of down town Edmomton, seeing the reality of Edmonton’s homeless. Wow. 58 klm of adventure. The Weather was awesome and we saw parts of Edmonton that I never knew existed. Dinner at the FOMOSA SC.  An Autumn Day to remember! 

Next Time Come out and explore with us. Larry

Saturday Ridin’

Come on out for a Ride along the pathways of South Edmonton and ???

2013-08-17 10.54.22

Plan is to ride in the great weather forecast for Saturday, September 14. Then find a unique eating Experience. Come for all or part of the ride.

Where: Meet on the Parking lot of MillWoods Recreation Center. then go exploring

Time: 2:00pm

Bring: Plenty of water, snacks, cash for Dinner, Great Attitude, rear blinking light, camera

We have Done this with 2 riders or 22, so bring a friend or two, Recumbents, velomobiles, regular bikes, who cares, just come and ride.

Route will be along some of the bike paths in Millwoods and possibly towards The River Valley. It all depends on who shows up and decides on the general direction. Length anywhere from 30 to 60km. Average speed 15- 22kph. This is a recreational, gawk at the scenery, lets find some great coffee ride. We always group up so no one is left behind or feels stressed to fit in.

The Pigeon Lake ride , etc.

We had a great ride on Saturday around Pigeon Lake and only got a bit of rain after Mulhurst stop. Then Lyle mentioned a sweet lil Mexican restaurant near Falun that was magnifico

Here is few photos

See you Saturday 2:00 pm at  the Millwood’s rec Center. Lets enjoy the weather while its nice!

Plus October 5-6 some of us are heading out to Banff for the weekend . Contact Larry for more details. Ride to Lake Louis to Canmore . Schedule  kinda loosey goosey but ride and good times are on the agenda!

ITs Wedneday, Why Arn’t you going Riding tonight?

Come on Take advantage of this great weather! The sunshine woun’t last. it really going to get dark soon too! You know you want to!
See ya there around 6:30
Plus Wouter and I are going riding in Edmonton Saturday Afternoon. Meet at the Millwoods Rec center around 2:00 and heading…. then maybe to some exotic local for dinner. Like East Indian? or Malay? we will see what we can find!