Leduc Christmas Parade

Hi Everyone!

We Had a great time tonight (Nov 29) riding in Leduc’s Christmas Parade. Alice , Wouter and I rode an ICE Sprint, AN ICE Adventure HD and a Terra Trike Tour 2. What a blast doing loops and figure 8s right across the width of the street getting close to the kids and blasting our Hornet bike horns. I almost felt like a WW1 fighter plane strafing the crowds! Yerrrwow. Brrrrrddddd!!!!   THe crowds loved it.  WoW  It really was a nice fun winter evening, Alice said later she ”almost enjoyed riding her trike in the winter rather than the summer!” How often can you say that on a regular 2 wheeled bike or recumbent? In the winter having 3 wheels good – 2 Wheels Bad!

2013-11-29 19.06.34-2 2013-11-29 18.15.18

We are looking forward to some more WINTER riding this year. ICE biking anyone? Once the local ponds freeze up and are cleared for skating we plan to have a couple of Demo Ice rides. Stay Tuned.

PS. I’ll upload a few more photos once Wouter emails them over to me.


Recumbent- Con

Last Weekend  (Oct 31- Nov 3)  Wouter and I traveled down to Los Angles for the 2nd Recumbent Convention. We had the opportunity to see and ride a lot of really cool recumbent trikes.  We had the opportunity to see some new offerings from ICE Trikes and Terra Trike, plus several other manufactures’. WAY COOL!!
take a peek at some photos here:

Plus Terra Trike Has a lot of cool changes coming plus a new Folding Trike that is going to WOW you:


We had a great time exploring the Los Angeles Area with a few “adventures” as Wouter puts it. Hey, I am only as a good a driver as I have a Good NAVIGATOR!   LOL

Stay tuned for more tidbits and news in the weeks to come – 014 is going to be a Fantastic Year!

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