BNO and minor tidbits

Its Saturday NITE !
Wayne and I are going to the movies in Leduc for a 7:00 show (I Frankenstein) Come on and join us.
So? have you gone a for a wee ride while we had a weather break? MOI ? 3 times.
We have had a few Hacks into the site over the past month so I have had to change the password each time. If you notice anything unto wards in the site let me know. There is no personal info on this site so know worries about your privacy.


1st Ride of 2014

2014-01-18 15.52.31

Alice and I took advantage of the exceptional weather today and took a couple trikes out for a 5 k booster. It was great to get out after being cooped up in the House with the flu for the past week. With mostly clear roads after this weeks unusual thaw the trikes performed admirably. The riders didn’t. Its amazing to always realize how much conditioning we lose after a 3-4 months of no riding. Three wheels Good! No fear of slipping and falling! We can’t wait for the next ride…maybe tomorrow?!

Happy New Year!

I trust everyone is looking forward to the new cycling season. These past couple of springs have not been the best for cycling across North America. 2013 actually saw a significant down turn in US bike sales. They were down by 20% I heard. Anyways lets trust that 2014 will be a great year for cycling in  the Edmonton area.

I have had a couple of enquiries if there is a “trip”, or “adventure” is planned for the summer of 2014. Yes, a few have commented on the idea of going to Idaho and riding the “trail de Cour d’ Lene. We would be joining up with a loosely associated gathering that Larry and Alice meet with every June to ride the area. Dates would be June 27- July 5.  Stay tuned for more details. Please consider joining the event. You will love the area, the ride and the people. Here is a few photos. Accomodation:  either Hotel (really cheap rate)  or camping.

2013-06-26 13.49.59 2013-06-27 18.12.16 2012-06-24 00.31.05 2012-06-25 01.00.18 2012-06-25 23.50.51 2012-06-28 02.19.41 2012-06-28 02.53.23 2012-06-28 02.56.04

After some consideration and some comments from a few others, We will be re naming our Annual August Ride around Pigeon Lake  to Roses”s Pigeon Lake ride and would like it to be a small fund raiuser with Proceeds to go to the Lutheran Camp that Rose was a part of. More info to come later thais year.

That is all for now.