Happy New Year!

I trust everyone is looking forward to the new cycling season. These past couple of springs have not been the best for cycling across North America. 2013 actually saw a significant down turn in US bike sales. They were down by 20% I heard. Anyways lets trust that 2014 will be a great year for cycling in  the Edmonton area.

I have had a couple of enquiries if there is a “trip”, or “adventure” is planned for the summer of 2014. Yes, a few have commented on the idea of going to Idaho and riding the “trail de Cour d’ Lene. We would be joining up with a loosely associated gathering that Larry and Alice meet with every June to ride the area. Dates would be June 27- July 5.  Stay tuned for more details. Please consider joining the event. You will love the area, the ride and the people. Here is a few photos. Accomodation:  either Hotel (really cheap rate)  or camping.

2013-06-26 13.49.59 2013-06-27 18.12.16 2012-06-24 00.31.05 2012-06-25 01.00.18 2012-06-25 23.50.51 2012-06-28 02.19.41 2012-06-28 02.53.23 2012-06-28 02.56.04

After some consideration and some comments from a few others, We will be re naming our Annual August Ride around Pigeon Lake  to Roses”s Pigeon Lake ride and would like it to be a small fund raiuser with Proceeds to go to the Lutheran Camp that Rose was a part of. More info to come later thais year.

That is all for now.


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