Lets Ride

It looks like it could be a really nice evening for a bit of Cycling with a few like minded people. I look forward to seeing some of you! No Really !

Meet Wednesday eve at the Leduc Alliance church at 6:45 pm.
TTFNDay 27 -30 days cycling 2014


Easter Monday Ride

We are going to meet at 3 pm on the Alliance Church parking lot. Agenda will be to ride some of the local communities and see what transpired during the winter. Just a leisurely ride to burn a few of those calories you ate during the weekend. We should be done around 5-5:30


Glenbow Ranch Trail- Cochrane. AB

Took the opportunity to do a bit of Riding Saturday ,while we did a brief visit to Calgary, to ride with a couple local trike riders. The Glenbow Ranch Trail is one of Calgary Areas newest trails. Wonderful warm spring day. but we ran into some road blocks and eventually had to turn back as the Bow river Ice had blocked our way. Looking forward to riding this summer when its green and lush!

Monday Afternoon Ride- Anyone interested?

We are thinking of riding Easter Monday afternoon meet at 3pm South A& W in Beaumont for a nice ride along country lanes.  Keep tabs on this page More info and final info Monday before NOON.

See ya  &

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

1st Wednesday Group Ride (day 9/30 D of C)

this is another photo post of my chronicle of 30 days of cycling and it also happened with out first Wednesday nite Group Ride. It was a bit cooler tonight with a good ride into Nisku and it empty evening roads. Great faster pace. 6 out for a breezy ride. Stopped at Tim Hortons to refuel and warm up at the 3/4 mark. Hot Chocolate mmmm. (no Larry abstained!)

Day 9 - 30 days cycling 2014

30 Days of Cycling/ My journal

I have started to Chronicle my 30 days of cycling this year with a brief post on my Renu Cycle Web page and Face book account.  If you want to see what the experience is like, please pop over there and follow along:
http://wp.me/p48POV-ch  or https://www.facebook.com/RenuCycle
Some days I may just post a photo others like tonight a thought or two. If you get over to my Facebook page give it a like. It really helps the ol’ SEO.  Thanks, Larry.