No Rides Wednesdays but Some Weekend Rides?

2015-07-19 13.35.54

So where do we go from here? This summer is turning out to be one where my riding during the week is flat lining. Depending on my work load, family commitments or weather. it seems like an organized ride during the week is NOT happening. So Lets ask the question:


For those wanting a great ride on Monday I am heading out to the West of Calmar to do a ride a did a couple of years ago.

I will start at my place around 9 am and return sometime before 4pm. I am going for a nice long scenic ride. I invite you to join me . Steady pacing somewhere around 19 km avg with stops to admire the scenery. If you want to go fast this is not your kinda ride.  We will lunch on the way Maybe at Warburg or Sunnybrook. If enough show up Alice may provide some sort of sag along the way. Please try out our new polling feature to let me know if you are coming. If you need directions to my place, please email me at for directions



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