Hello – Any body there?

Well its been a long time. Just checking in to see if anyone still is checking up occasionally. I have heard though the grape Vine that the Dalsides are planning a Ride around Pigeon Lake (Rosies Ride) around the first weekend in June. Stay tuned for more details.  I am going to set up a poll to see if any one is interested in some rides this year (2018)  both weekly and monthly. So give us an opinion.  If we do plan rides they will be posted here; on our Godspoke facebook page and on the Renu Cycle facebook page also.


While you are here  maybe take a nostalgic browse through some of the rides and tours we have done.

See ya-


3 thoughts on “Hello – Any body there?

  1. Hi Larry The weekend is tentatively planned for June 8,9th. But have to firm that up yet. Definitely not first weekend in July. I will be sending out an email soon once I know for sure in the date.

    Eileen 1-780-718-2314 Sent from my iPhone


  2. We have officially set the date for the Ride for Rosie for June 8-10th weekend,for those of you who knew Rosie and want to gather together for a weekend and a ride in her memory. I will be sending information out soon, just gathering contact information. Cheers, Eileen

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