Core Values

Being a church based group it follows that a large make up of our riders are Evangelical Christians but not all!

We Try to live a life based on the following beliefs:

 Believe In an all knowing, moral, all powerful,  loving God;

All people have fallen short of God’s standard for us;

He provided a way for us to know Him as He wanted in the first place;

All need the forgiveness of God’s only Son who paid the price for us to know Him;

We acknowledge that since He paid the price, we belong to Him as His Bride;

We are forgiven NOT perfect;

We need His Word – instruction manual to learn how to live ;

We need to show compassion to each other and the world around us;

We believe God can communicate through us by prayer, reading His Word and by his Spirit.

We believe that bringing others to a relationship with the Creator is a loving, caring process,
that respects free will, intellect, friendship; and not brow beating or preaching!

We believe that if you don’t want to participate in the “religious” aspects of the club you CAN just ride and have fun!

We promise not to preach at you each week!

But we do pray before we ride, eat and at other special occasions.

You can ask us about what we believe, why, and we will give you the best answer we can!


One thought on “Core Values

  1. I gave a presentation to the Joint Intermunicipal Development hearing on Sept. 28, 2010 on Non-motorized transport for the community of Leduc and surrounding communities. I preceded the meeting with a letter. If you’re interested, I can send it to you. I was one of two parties that responded to the hearing announcement. I try and ride every Sunday morning from Calmar to LCBC on Coady Road. Wave at me as I go by.

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