Larry Hager founded and named Godspoke Cyclists in June 2005.  He had a desire to improve his health as well as socialize with others from our church wanting to do the same. (its nicer to ride with others)

Leader:  Larry
Participants:  9

Main Rides:  Weekly rides, MS 160 Tour and Cycle LA

Notes:   T-shirts were designed by Larry and worn by the group.


Leaders:  Sandy & Tammy

 Participants:  8

 Main Rides:  Weekly rides, Calmar to Mulheart Sunset Ride & Dinner (36 km), MS 150 Tour, Leduc Food Bank Fall Round-Up and Christmas Party


Leaders:  Sandy & Murray
note: through thier boundless energy and enthusiasum and the participation from others in the Peace Luthern Church of Leduc, the group really started to flourish!

Participants:  21

Rides and Activities:  Weekly rides, Wizard Lake Ride & Picnic (32 or 60 km), Rookie Ride (45 km), MS Tour (160 Km), Kayasso Trail (Pigeon Lake) and Patio Dinner (65 km), Hastings Lake Ride and BBQ at Judy & George’s, Edmonton River Valley Fall Colors Ride, Weekend Canoe Trip on North Saskatchewan, Waskasoo (Red Deer) Trail (40 Km), Leduc Food Bank Fall Round-up, Chilly Chili Ride (30 Km), Christmas Party with Guest Speaker Sue on Italy

Adventure Trip:  SDG Kootney Valley Cycle Trip – 400 km, July, 11 days, 17 people, highlights were cycling the Kettle Valley Railbeds and the incredible Galena Trail.


Leaders:  Sandy (Action Team and Jolt), Larry (Expresso) and Linda (Latte)Participants:  40

Rides and Activities:  Mon Jolt Rides, Wed Expresso and Latte Rides, MS Rookie Ride (45 km), MS Tour (170 Km), Caroll’s Millet Meander Ride, Hasting’s Lake Ride and BBQ at Judy and George’s, Pigeon Lake Poker Rally and BBQ/Camping at Eileen & Barry’s, s24O to Devon, Thorsby Brunch Ride, Pedal for a Cure, Bike for Bibles, North Sask Canoe Trip, Banff Ski Trip, Leduc Park Clean-Up, Refreshment Stand for MS Rookie Ride, Bike Mainteneance Workshop and Hawaiian Meatball Theme Christmas Party with Guest Speaker on Kenya/Tansania and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Adventure Trip:  Aventura Cyclio Italia 2008 – 400 km, Sept-Oct, 17 people, highlights were enjoying our self-guided tour through the Tuscany and Umbria regions of Italy, cycling past ancient cities, forts, castles, vineyards and orchards.  Also picnics in the countryside, snorkling, hiking the famous Cinque Terre, admiring art, history and sights in Venice, Florence and Sienna, meeting new friends, soaking in hot springs and enjoying Italian cuisine.

2008 Awards:


  • Most km Award – Larry
  • Lloyd Award (Most commuting km) – Lloyd
  • Most Improved Award – Lyle
  • Road Rash Award – Don
  • Special Spoke Award – Jocelyn (for all his bike maintenance)



One thought on “History

  1. Although I can track events for 2009-2011 through the archives, doing so is a bit tedious. The annual summaries and group are a good read. I hope someone will find time to bring the History section up to date.

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