Our Cycling Rules

Godspoke Cycling Rules

Please take time to view this video clip on cycling safety:

Bike and Equipment

Helmets are VERY Strongly Advised.
You Should Wear a helmet when riding with Godspoke Cyclists. 
Hey is your Knoggen – You are a Adult. Alberta Law says it is Not mandatory for a person over 18 yrs. We just like to be Safer, rather than Sorry!

But We will not exclude you if you show up with out one! Nor will anyone in the group be liable for any injury you receive because of your decision

(More and more studies world wide show that wearing a helmet as an Adult is way less important than people under 16 r. Do an internet search and read for yourself. A helmet for recumbent riders it’s even less! And European studies claim that wearing helmets is a hinderence to Adults using a bike as common transportation. But….thats another topic for another day!)

IF you have a lower center of gravity ride like a Multi Wheeled bike, quad, trike or Velomobile, where the likely hood of you falling etc., is extremely unlikely to hurt your knoggen,  its up to your descretion.
If its 2 wheels- HELMET!  3 wheels or more – ?

 Other Strong Suggestions

  • Front headlights and rear blinkies are  Strongly Suggested.
    For visiblilty Night and Day- we want you to be as safe as possible!
  • Always carry ID.
  • You should carry water, snacks for longer rides, spare tire tubes, repair kit, tire pump and coffee money. (Also check ‘Cycling Gear’ List)
  • Dress in layers; bring gloves and toque as needed.
  • Have your bike road worthy.


  • It is required to follow all rules of the road, see our Safe Cycling Page 
  • Call out when passing or near hazzards
  • Use hand signals including slowing down to communicate with each other and traffic
  • Keep single file on main & busy city streets.
  • Walk or scoot bikes across pedestrian crosswalks
  • Stop at stop signs and yellow/red lights.
  • Clump up when taking a lane for left hand turns.
  • Use the Lane when you are not sure of traffic, hazzards or road conditions. See Cycling Savvy Videos on Taking the Lane.

Lead & Sweep

  • Group leaders will be responsible to:
  1. Confirm maximum and average ride speeds with group prior to starting the ride.
  2. Determine a safe & conservative route for the entire group.
  3. Ensure we start and finish as a group by keeping visual contact with the sweep.
  • Sweeps will be responsible to ensure that No One is Left Behind!


  • Respect for other cyclists and appropriate behavior are always mandatory and appreciated!
  • Please arrive on time.  We leave no later than 10 minutes past the posted time.
  • We always stop and wait for all to catch up and we wait ’til the last one in is ready to go on! No one is Dropped or Left Behind!



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