TOT Report or How to lose 5 lbs by doin’ Nothin’!

The end of June and the beginning of July a gathering of recumbent trike riders and other like minded cyclists meet in Kellogg Idaho for 5-7 days of riding along the Trail of the Cour d’Alene. 72 miles  of paved pathways along the Silver Valley.This year was our 7th visit and we look forward to seeing about 150 other enthusiasts  and taking over the Hospitality Inn. The most memorable experience was the heat. I cannot remember the last time I subjected myself to days of +42c dry  temps. It just sucks the energy right out of a person. We had to start riding early and finish our rides before 1 pm when the temps got to high. Then we sat in air conditioned comfort until after 8pm where we congregated under the front portico. it was so hot I think I5 lbs of water just evaporated from me! whew!

To say we had a great time is an understatement. Riding with other trikers, seeing all the different brands and taking the newest model out for test rides; seeing how different folks have made modifications to their trikes; and riding in some fantastic scenery on wonderfully smooth path for miles …. AWSOME!

We stopped in to see Garry  at Northwest Recumbents in Post Falls – Garry Has been around for several years and has even been profiled on TV in the Spokane area. We hope, as interest builds here in Canada, I can have a Trike “candy” store like he does. Everything in his shop relates to Recumbents  (drool). Garry has been a great role model for me!

We also had a chance to go underground over 600 feet down into an old Gold mine and experience cool temps on a hot day! Plus see how they did mining back at the beginning of the last century. I even got to try my hand at panning fer GOLD!

We’ll be back next year for the 10th Anniversary – it looks like it could be a great Gathering. You should plan on joining us!

TO Keep abreat of what is happening, Watch this page or head over to and check out our ride reports and announcements there!


Sorry have to stay Late at work Can’t Ride

With our move and other assorted disruptions, getting a ride in during the week is getting really hard. I was hoping to ride tonight but can’t ARRRGGGG!!

I am trying to catch up on several posts and new products but I only have so much time these days. Stay tuned for a TOT review, some new accessories and a post about our NEw Adventure HD RS 26 demo. Plus some definite dates for some weekend rides

If you would be interested in a ride this weekend email me  at and we’ll see!

See ya!

Larry and Wouter still missing!

Larry & wpouter took off for ,Idaho at the end of June for some trike riding around Kellogg. Rumours have it that one of them is still galivanting around B. C.  While the other is trying to get his life and bussiness back to some sembalnce of normalCy after vacating and moving from his old shop. Therefore niether will either be riding this wednesday. But go ahead and get out and enjoy the evening and ride. Regular schedule starts next Wednesday.  


Ride Report

We had a great ride into Mill woods last weekend. It was a hot and dry day and 4 of us on recumbents had a great time. Wouters route was good except for a short 3 kilometre section. It was paved but sure full of small ruts and holes. I was a great test for those of us with suspension.I thought my teeth were going to fallout. Keith had his water bottle jump out at one point!

Our new ride in Edmonton will be the weekend of June 13 where we will ride the west side of the River valley and return. Tune in for details as that weekend approaches and Come on out and ride!