Ride Schedule

Update Winter 2018

February ’18 –

We are just checking via Poll on front Page to see if there is any interest yet in reviving rides together for 2018.
Are you interested in a Mid week ride?
A Saturday Afternoon ride monthly?
A day trip on a weekend?
An extended multiday Tour?

To be honest I will post a few Daytrips  for 2018.
I know there is interest in a Rosie’s Pigeon Lake Memorial Ride Early June.

Others to consider:
Saturday or Sunday ride to South Edmonton For Brunch
Edmonton River Valley
Red Deer Trails
Louise to Canmore  – Calgary trails Weekend  (late summer – Early fall)
Devon Bike Trail;
St. Albert Trails;
Hastings Lake, Ardrossan ride
Calmar- St Francis – Warburg  loop Day Ride 100k
North Devon Acreages Wander
Devon – Calmar -Leduc Loop Century Ride
Leduc  to Wetasiwin

Contact larry@renucycle.net if you are seriously interested and want to sign up for ride notices.


Update Spring 2014

Watch for Posts Regarding Weekly rides Starting March 19th 2014
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Unless posted We Ride each Wednesday @6:45 at the Leduc Alliance Church Parking Lot.

Most of our riders are Fair weather riders, if it evens threaten to rain, be chilly, attendance will be down. BUT, If you want to ride ride! That night go for a ride and stop by the church at the right time, othe hearty mates maybe there on those more blustery days, or may not. The idea is to be riding. Nice days, lots will join you, temperate -fewer, rainy- even less. But be assured most wednesdays, if there is “decent” weather, Lyle and or I will be out there.
With that said if it is cancelled we will try to update here 1/2hr  before the ride starts.

!!!!! Register for Updates !!!!!!

Ride dates weekly are static; specials rides tend to be yearly events, and the Big Adventure rides well they happen as interest is builds as well.  Most special rides are announced on the Wednesday night rides.

If you are looking for someone to ride with on any occasion let us know here in the comments and we will post it. I am always yearning for a ride, sometimes I can even do one! ;)

Monday Night Rides

We have made some changes to our ride format on Mondays Until Mid September. Its no Longer a Strictly Jolt ride! but it will still be a faster ride depending in degree on who shows up. We made the change to take advantage of weather, schedules and opprutunities to ride. So Now you have 2 Choices 2 Ride, Mondays and or Wednesdays meeting @ 6:45 pm, the Leduc Alliance church on Black Gold Drive.

Ride Specials for the Summer of 2014

May 10 or 24
Red Deer Cruise
Red Deer has a great cycle path system that some of us have ridden a few times. Its a fun day to meet and ride then have a nice wind up dinner. Stay tuned for details

June 9-10

June 27 to July4

Ride Across the Idhaho Panhandle , or Tater TOT #7
Over 100 miles of paved trails along the old Mining Railways In Northern Washinton, Idaho and Montana

July 21?
EBTC Tour: 100 km around the Small towns North of Edmonton

Sunday Late Brunch in the City
September Long Weekend
We ride into South Common to Eat, Chat, laugh,  then ride back to Leduc along some nice less used roads. A Highlight of last years rides. If Marvin shows up we’ll see if he can beat last years Rib Eatin’ Extravaganza………BurP!

Rosie’s Pigeon Lake Memorial Ride
Aug 23
Ride Around Beautifle Pigeon Lake 69 km then Dinner and – Possible Camp out – Stay tuned for Details

Louise to Canmore Tour
Mid September
Highlights:  The Banff Legacy Trail, an evening dinner at the Storm Mountain Lodge near Castle Mountain. Walkin around Banff, Hot Springs, Camp Fires etc. Warm, comfy Hotels rooms to …………. snuggle in, ya snuggle!
Arrive Friday eve, bike Sat/ Sun from Lake Louise to Canmore
return Monday
Stay tuned for details

Fall Colors Ride & Campfire/Hot Dog Scorch Fest in Edmontons River Valley,
Late Sept
Details forthcoming.

Chilli Willy Ride
October 8 or 12
The Last Formal Ride of the season. A Cool Ride, warm friends and Hot Chilli … mmmmmmmm
Details are forth coming

Year End Round Up Party
Nov 24 or Dec 1
details coming

Other Possible Weekend Day Rides include:
We usually do some of these rides during the season depending on Interest and are annnounced a couple of weeks before hand at the Wednsday nite rides.

Drayton Valley 100
Devon Bike Trail;
Red Deer Trails;    
Pigeon Lake 70k or Hastings
 St Franicis Ride 70k
North Devon Acreages Wander
Devon/ Calmar Leduc Loop Century Ride
Leduc  to Edmonton  For Dinner & Back
Wizard Lake S24O
Zender Beach Park S240
S24O  To Sunnybrook
sub 24 hr overnight ride, camp and ride back

If you are interested in any of these rides, Let us know; these are just ideas waiting to happen and if you have any let us know.

If this Page Gets Stale Dated Don’t get your laces in a knott!!
The Yearly Calendar stays close to the same; the Ride Specials May Change in Location but ususally are done around the same time of year! Just leave a comment and we’ll get on it.

– Now Go for a Ride!!


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